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Tanja Odzak has danced and performed professionally in the San Francisco Bay Area for seven years and is known for her fiery stage presence and high quality of dance.

As a fusion belly dance artist, she performs a blend of American Tribal and American Cabaret styles of belly dance, one of the hottest styles of belly dance today. She has taught and performed nationally at nightclubs, theaters, art galleries, trade shows, and cultural festivals.

Tanja was the “Tribal Fusion Champion” at the 2007 Hips of Fury Belly Dance Contest.

She has been featured in Ultra Gypsy’s “Medusa & Machine” performance documentary and Suhaila’s “Docuality”.

Past performance and choreography experience includes work with Ultra Gypsy, Bal Anat, Rose Harden, Damage Control Dance Theatre, Bastet, Fat Chance’s Third Tribe, L’Anonyme Collective and Lapsus. During her years in Jill Parker’s Ultra Gypsy, she was an active choreographer and dancer when the dance company received the prestigious Golden Belly Award for the 2005 “Troupe of the Year”. She also performed in the Ultra Gypsy/Urban Tribal “Spark Tour”.

Tanja is proud to be choreographing for Suhaila Salimpour’s Repertoire Ensemble. Her work will be highlighted in the 2010 Rakkasah West show, where she will also be performing the work with the Ensemble.

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